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Euro 2012 kicks off tonight.

Posted by Steven, Jun 8, 2012

We have had a sweepstake and everyone who chose to take part have their own team to support. I hope my team wins.

Our Jubilee party was this week. We had a 1950's style banquite, which was very nice. The chef's worked very hard to make us a special dinner for the Queens celebrations. We also put up decorations and enjoyed watching the celebrations on the television.

I have been out with some of my fridends again this week on the bus, which I like doing every week. I went to lakeside this week to look at the boats and have a coffee.

We have a flim night planned for next week, and a baking session. I am looking forward to the film, and want to make cakes at baking.

Preperations continue for our open day which is on 8th July.