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This week the weather has been funny.

Posted by Stephen, Jul 6, 2012

We have had really sunny days where we have been able to play football and tennis, and have had really rainy days where the grounds have been flooded and we have stayed in watching DVD's.

I went out on the bus to canal head when it was really sunny. We fed the ducks and had a coffee.

This week a man came from the local paper and took pictures of some of my friends for the open day on sunday but this has had to be cancelled as the weather forcast is for floods again. The things we have been making in the craft rooms have been put on a shelf and will be sold when the open day has been rearange.

There is a theatre company coming to put on a show for us this month. We have had a couple of companies come and do shows for us through the year. I enjoy the shows, they are good fun and there always oportunity to sing along or join in. Last time Elvis Presley came and performed for us, this was my favourite and I hope he comes back again soon.