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The weather this week has been very nice.

Posted by Russel, Aug 10, 2012

I have been out on a few trips and have enjoyed them all.

On Monday I climbed Gummer's How in the Lake District. The view from the top was really good, you could see the lakes and boats and hills all around.

On Wednesday I went out with the bus for coffee on Birkrigg Common. The weather was good and the views accross the bay were also really good. We had coffee went for a walk and had a good time.

On Thursday we went to lakeside to feed the ducks. We saw some of the lakeside cruise boats, and also watched the steam trian arriving.

I have enjoyed watching the olympics on television over the last 2 weeks, it is a shame they are coming to an end but I am looking forward to the paralympics starting on 29th August. I am also lokoing forward to the new premier league football season starting next weekend. Hopefully we will organise more Lads nights to watch the football, I have enjoyed these during the European Championships and the Olympics.