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This week has been a lot of fun.

Posted Oct 19, 2012

The Daily bus trips have continued and we have been to a lot of nice places and taken some nice pictures.

The weather has not been good, it has rained most the time but this has not stopped us form enjoying our time out.

When it rains we have a picnic on the bus.

I have enjoyed watching England on the Telly this week. They have played twice, although the second game was delayed by a day because of the rain. I have also enjoyed watching the X-Factor.

The new menus have now begun and I am really enjoying the new selection of food available. My favourites this week have been Roasted Red Pepper Cod with New Potatoes, Crispy Ginger Beef with Egg noodles and Chicken Breast with garlic fried new potatoes. The new dinner time menu is also really nice. I am enjoying the different homemade soups on offer and the salads.