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Sarah's Story

Posted by Sarah, Oct 9, 2012

I came to the Croft about five years ago and I have done a lot of things since.

I go to the workshop to make crafts and learn how to cook my dinner. I also go out to tennis once a week.

I enjoy using the buses to go to Tuesday Club and the Library. I go singing once a week.

I helped to decorate my room, It is lovely. The walls are Black, Silver and Pink.

I have been on holiday with the Croft. We have been to Benidorm, Malta and Turkey. When we went to Turkey we got stuck out there because of the ash cloud. Whilst waiting for our flight I met my friend Alison who I had not seen since school, which was a few years ago. Now I go to her house some Saturdays to catch up. I have also stayed there overnight, and been there for bank holiday. I enjoy going dancing with her and her mum.

I like living at the Croft, there are always lots of activities to do and we have a tuck shop in the village.

I can buy Crisps, Sweets & Drinks from here.