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This week has been very exciting.

Posted Dec 7, 2012

The week began on Monday 3rd with the village Christmas party. It was a really good evening, attended by residents, family, friends and staff members.

The party was even attended by Elvis Presely who sang for us and put on a very good show.

We built a monument to Christmas in the middle of our table:

Lorraine was very upset at the end of the night as two of the Santa's had run away. We have spent the week looking for them, however we have not found them.

The Croft Christmas party was held on Wednesday 5th, and entertainment was provided by the amazing Lakeland Productions, who put on a great show about jack and the beanstalk.

We have also spent time this week out on the bus on our daily trips which we are enjoying.

It is out Christmas open evening on Monday 10th December. The lights are looking brilliant, and I cannot wait. We have managed to get hold of Santa, who has agreed to talk to boys and girls about what they want for christmas. I wonder if he's seen the chocolate santas that ran away?